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Incync Marketing is a NJ  digital marketing agency, we specialize in web design, local SEO, and social media management. We bring local traffic to your local business, by designing responsive websites that are made to be found by an online community in your area. Our team works with non profit organizations, small businesses, and independent contractors to build their online branding.

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We use a variety of marketing strategies to help our clients reach their target audience. First, we design responsive websites that are optimized for search engines and social media. This helps our clients to be found by potential customers who are searching for their products or services online. Second, we manage our clients’ social media accounts to help them to connect with their target audience and build relationships. Finally, we offer a variety of other marketing services, such as email marketing and content marketing, to help our clients to reach their target audience and achieve their marketing goals.

Meet our Team

5 years of freelance experience with digital marketing, website design, and SEO. Working with NJ non-profits to offer small business owners digital marketing consultation and services.

An image of Jabari Thompson, the founder of NJ digital marketing agency: Incync Digital Marketing
Jabari Thompson | CEO and Founder | Web Design Specialist

Jabari Thompson, a business analytics student at Montclair State University in New Jersey, is a rising entrepreneur who started from freelance web design. From self teaching and the help of other mentors, Jabari learned the foundations of digital marketing and is working with local NJ online businesses to navigate the web and increase their revenue. Jabari is also a Knicks fan….. so…. there’s that.

An NJ Digital Marketing Agency that Cares to Teach

We make sure our clients understand digital marketing so they can form their own goals and opinions. Whether you are a technical professional or clueless to the web, we keep your best interest in mind with free consultation for all of our services.

Grow your Brand's Reach Through Social Media and Local SEO

Increase your brand’s visibility online by having a consistently updated social presence. Find out how SEO, web design, and social media complement each other to increase your online reach!

Build Your Small Business Website Into a Digital Asset

Our goal is to build your small business’s online presence to the point in generates revenue without our services. First, let’s work together, to turn your passion to profit!

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We value the hard work you put in your business. The online community will too, only if you let them. Get in sync with a new way of marketing your small business!